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Testimonials from former narrative therapy clients

"Brina has been like a beacon of light in my darkness through her hopeful insights and compassion for others.”


"After these 7 months, I have come to understand me better, knowing how to cope better, a sense of calm, less worry, finding my own happiness from within, not thinking of the past. I am ready to move forward. Before, I felt stuck like I could not move on and enjoy my life. Being able to choose happiness is new to me. I was so depressed when I came to counseling, more than I knew, and I wanted to learn coping skills and not do harmful things to get through these bad feelings."

"Thanks for helping me work through so many questions and yet allowing me the tools to answer them in my own heart. You are an amazing woman who I have grown to love and respect. What an encouragement you have been to me. I have a voice now, and I am learning to speak like an adult (sometimes), learning to love my past, but don't live in it."

"I would ask questions of how to deal with things and we would discuss them but I didn't get any answers. I thought you would snap your fingers and fix everything. Wow, I now know that your answer that I needed to figure those things out myself and what works for me was the greatest thing you have given me. You always asked how I was dealing with the issues and discuss how I was feeling about them. After time I learned that I had the answers and now see them in a different light.

My life is changed many ways thanks to you and I'll always remember that you were the one that helped me get my mind and life straight."

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